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It is so hard waiting for seeds to sprout. These little tomatoes came up from some old seeds I threw in some soil. I pretty much decided they were not going to come up. Left the pot sit for a couple more weeks and poof. They show their smiling leaves. 15 new babies ready to be transplanted.

Time. Such an interesting phenomena. I completely understand why people are happy to fork out the dough for seedlings at the store. It is very easy to care for something when you can visually see its progress. Caring for seeds that have not sprouted is tough and takes commitment. We can’t see their progress. We wonder, is anything happening? Just when we want to give up, they seem to appear.

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Reminds me of how we must perseverve in prayer. We sometimes may not see the fruits of our prayers but all is in God' merciful and loving hands. Jesus I Trust in You!

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