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Lauri's Garden Grove

The 36 acre property has deep roots in dairy farming.  Although, it has not had dairy cattle on it for quite a few years, most locals have fond memories of the dairy's busy years.   Barn doors clanking,  leaves rustling, gates swaying in the wind.  The ghosts of its past are talking to you, can you hear them..  


Old Buildings

So many buildings.  What shall we do with them.  We began by evaluating the conditions of each one.  There was a lot of pointing and idea gathering.  One minute we were tearing down a building only to find the next minute we were making it a project worth keeping.  It was hard to stay focused because everything needed some good old fashioned TLC.  Main directive was to get a greenhouse going.

The Greenhouse Project

The main directive for purchasing the property was to have a completely climatically controlled greenhouse for year round food production.  Self sustainability is obtainable.  How one wants to do it is another question.  Youtube is full of many sharing their self sustainable lives and how they are doing it.  It is not an new concept.  For me, it is the beginning of a never ending creative journey.  No complete rights.  No complete wrongs.  Just pure creativity.  Simply go try it.  If it works great.  If it doesn't just change it.


Chic Herb Shed

Uncovering this repurposed wood sparked an idea!  More to come about this little beauty.

What's a place
without a tractor

So many big jobs to do.  One must have a big tractor to do them with.  It's been just one year and we couldn't have done many of the projects without the gem of the farm.

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