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Bright Orange Carrots

I had told my daughter I was going to try planting some carrots, but didn’t think I would have much luck. Not remembering ever planting carrots or having any knowledge of how to make them grow well, I warded off the pessimism and took my bag of seeds to the garden. My grandmother’s voice was ringing in my ears. “Get it in the ground. Nothing has a chance unless you get it in the ground.”

The seeds are nicely row planted now. They are covered with a nice little blanket waiting for warmer weather. All plants deserve a little tender loving care, especially when they are spouting. Spring is in the air and I am getting so excited to put little seeds in the ground, it seems almost new each year. That is part of the reason I love the garden and greenhouse. The control variables keep me thinking and often my garden mind will play tricks on me!

It is funny to me that no matter how many years I seed plants, I become an impatient child thinking the seeds won’t grow. My adult brain and my experience combine tells me the seeds will sprout. I do all the right things almost on auto pilot by now. Peeking at the covered seeds, what is it I see? Tiny little plants starting to pop up! Why of course they are!!

Last we I had the wonderful opportunity to sort through old pictures and reminisce about the past. As I was drowning in oodles of pictures, out of the corner of my eye I saw a bright orange carrot on a picture my daughter was holding. Now this was very strange because these were mostly

people pictures and there were at least 500 on the table. After all, who sees people when your mind is on spring gardening? My lovely daughter quickly says, “Look mom! And you thought you couldn’t grow carrots!” My grandmother was right. Just put the seeds in the ground!

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good job! everyone can feed off your enthusiasm when it comes to planting. Douglas


This is beautifully written! I enjoyed reading it and it brought a smile to my face just like the short stories I read in the old country magazines I rescued from the basement 😀

Good job mom!

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