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Winter and the Greenhouse Cat

No greenhouse is complete without a resident cat to keep away the little critters you simply do not want around. We happen to have this cute bit of fuzz named Lizzy. This crazy cat just can’t get enough of people. That makes winter her least favorite time of the year.

Enjoying the sound and feel of a piano, on warm days, I venture up to The Grove and play a few tunes. Bach, Litz, Beethoven. Sounds of peacefulness and focus fill the air. Lizzy, thinking she is somehow deprived of attention, proceeds to pounce on the keys and walk across my fingers. Lifting my hands, picking her up and setting her on top of the piano, I begin to play once more. She purrs as if singing along with the music. Acting as if it is as good as catnip. As she rubs her ears against the top of the piano, she twists and turns. Then, proceeds to fall onto the keys and then onto the floor. I can’t help but stop playing and laugh at this fun loving cat.

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