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Winter and Seed Sorting

As the crystal ice falls from the sky and piles up outside, I spread my seeds out on my table and dream of the warmer days to come. I begin to ponder all the facts that go into seed starting; last frost date, ground temperature, water temperature, air temperature. Each element calculated for the greenhouse and the outside garden. So many things to consider. Let’s face it, at the end of the day my creativity takes over and I just want to plant something, anything.

This turns my sights to micro greens. With a little space dedicated to indoor planting, I could have some wonderful green munchies in just a couple of weeks. This sounds like a wonderful idea. Now to get my hands on some great seeding soil. It would have been too simple to just put some seeds into the dirt, any old dirt. But, this time of year I want full success. Slowing my planting process, I realize, I just have to go to the garden center. Talk about temptation around every corner.

Back at the house…I am sure it would be ok to have seedlings take over my living room for the next six weeks. I think I will go for it! Seed table has not failed me and I am back on track. Tomatoes, peppers, celery, broccoli, cabbage seeds pulled. Let’s try some lettuce and radishes too. What do I have to lose? Seeds get old, I might as well plant them while they are still viable. Maybe this is not the most organized or managed way to start the gardening season, but it accomplished getting seeds in the soil and my hands dirty. Ahhhh, I already can taste the vegies and I definitely can smell the wet dirt. It is great day!

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