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Welcome to a Peaceful Paradise

Although we had been visiting daily, there simply isn’t anything like going to sleep with the frogs and crickets singing their nightly tunes and then waking up to the birds chirping their morning wake up song. The beautiful glow of multitudes of greens I never new could even exist (except in the paint section at the local hardware store) ingulf my vision. I wonder where I have been all my life. I even find the yellowish pollin dust that covers literally everything, a welcoming presence representing spring and seasonal life. I must be crazy. Walking under the apple tree, I am surrounded by thousands of bees enjoying the sweet necture found in the beautifully delicate apple blossoms.

The last few weeks have been filled by preparations to ”get things going” for the months to come. Fencing went up, planting areas became tilled and bulbs got planted with the help of some great family members who see my many bright ideas. This could never happened without a bit of a dream and my husband‘s devotion to making it a reality. A gift of genuine love.

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