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Just Stop for a Moment

With the chill of winter popping up every once in a while just to remind us that we are in winter, taking a moment to stop our outside activities doesn't hurt us at all. Often answers to unanswered questions reveal themselves in the moment of rest. While lounging in front of a cozy fire, my mind drifts from the beautiful tomato plants that filled the greenhouse last summer to the possibilities of the coming year.

The 2022 greenhouse season was fabulous! The abundance and variety of plants tantalized my senses. We raised and tasted varieties new to me. We cultivated new soil and enjoyed the journey of producing and preserving our own food. We harvested what nature naturally produced for us, while carefully preserving natural plants for the future seasons.

What exciting varieties with flourish under nurtured hands in 2023? As I scan the brightly colored front pages of the newly arrived seed catalogs, I ponder. What shall I order to expand my growing knowledge and tastebuds this year? Can I really count on the experiment of preserving my own seeds from the favorites of last year? I can almost taste the juicy fruit portrayed in the catalog. Shall I buy a new water tester? Maybe I should buy a new soil test kit? Proof comes in future planting.

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Unknown member
Jan 16, 2023

Write more, love it.

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