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Carpenter Bees

There is nothing like hearing the sound of a few bees buzzing around pollenating everything. Then there is the moment when there are just too many flying around your head!

Capenter bees are quite fascinating creatures. The males pose no threat to stinging. They will, however, intimidate the heck out of you with their beety eyes staring straight into yours as they hoover a hands length from your face. On the other hand, the females will sting if they feel threatened. The females are quite the nuisance, they bore dime size holes in your wood structures and lay eggs inside. This only attracts more males to be buzzing around. After all, what male could resist the attractions of such a female.

Taking on the non-aggressive approach, they were left to their bidding last year. They obviously decided it was a great place because there has to be four times as many males buzzing around this year. Something had to be done. With just a little research, we were able to find a nice peaceful way to discourage these beety eyed intimidators from hanging out where we spend our time. They hate anything citrus and really don‘t like vinegar either.

Finding their cherished little holes posed no problem to our naked eyes. Looking straight up the wooden beams of the barn we found drilled holes. Squart, squart, squart went the water mix from from the spray gun straight into the holes. One has to love simple solutions.

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