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Oh, the abundance of beauty green grass can produce. As the days begin to get longer and the wind is just a bit less chilly. The rolling fields begin to be blanketed with the brilliant green grass blades of what is yet to come. Soon enough, the tall lush grasses will wave in the breezes and the trees will bud out catching the bright sun rays being cast down. The beautiful flowers will begin to bloom painting vibrant colors across the landscape. The migrating birds will return and the frogs on the ponds will once again sing their songs. Sounds and sights of nature will once again fill the spaciousness all around me. Spring, I wait for you with such anticipation. The beauty you are storing up, for my senses to be enchanted, fill my thoughts.

My new garden beds lay quietly nurturing the tiny planted seeds that are yet to appear. I wait in wonderment for the moment of their grand entrance. Will it be today? Maybe tomorrow? Impatience always sets in just before the tiny bit of life makes its appearance, reminding me all is in its own time. I marvel over the magnificent gift. So blessed by this precious space of time I have to spend in this special giving place.

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